Nature’s Miracle Tree: Moringa Olifera

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World Record holder for bench press, Luke Curry shares his regimen of ZIJA for his training and work out regimen..

YouTube Discover how anyone can accelerate their fitness goals with the help of Zija.

ZIJA Regimen for Weight Lifting

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  • “Since I started using XM+ Energy Mix and the XMam caps, I’ve lost over 25 lbs., increased my muscle mass, have zero cravings for coffee, completed my first triathlon, and even started training for others! I cannot wait to start using PR1ME90 as well!”
  • “I started my Zija journey on September 3, 2012. I was 27 years old and weighed 350 lbs. I was not happy with my weight, but none of the diets or pills I tried ever worked. Zija’s XM+ Energy Mix gave me the health and energy necessary to change my life. I went from the couch to working out, running, playing sports, and feeling better about myself. I lost 70 lbs. in 14 weeks! I...
  • “I am a swimmer and have been using XM+ Energy Mix. It gives me an extended workout time. I also don’t get nearly as sore as the other guys, which has allowed me to train better, harder, and longer than everyone else. This has led to my times improving drastically and at a faster rate. I recommend this to any athlete.”

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Whole Client Care

So often as stylists and salon owners we only address the most topical needs of our clients. We care for hair, skin, nails...the surface. We can color hair, make skin more vibrant...but we never cross over into caring for the rest of the client's needs.

Some of the top salons and spas the world over now offer wellness coaching, fitness programs and supplements to give clients what they need to feel their best and look their best...beyond just hair, skin and nails. ZIDJA is this option.

Unparalleled Nutrition

Did you know that in addition to an abundance of vitamins, Moringa also contains Chlorogenic acid? Chlorogenic acid has recently come to light because of its weight management properties.

It is thought that Chlorogenic acid helps manage blood glucose levels and limits the absorption of glucose into adipose tissue (or fat cells); in other words, it promotes a healthy weight. It is these unique compounds that are not found in your “man-made” multivitamins, but they are found in what I call nature’s multivitamin, Moringa oleifera.

A Perfect Protein

Not all protein we eat is equal. Many sources of protein we eat are termed “incomplete” because the protein lacks amino acids that are common for the proteins in our body.

Moringa is an excellent source of protein because, unlike other sources, it contains all amino acids; however, the miracle of Moringa doesn’t stop there. Vitamin B6, which is found in Moringa, is a necessary cofactor responsible for the breakdown of proteins so that they can be reassembled into what our body needs at that time. In other words, Moringa has both the amino acids our body needs and the vitamins necessary to properly utilize them.

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